AppTrailers - iOS and Android Pay Per Install

App Trailers pays you for watching trailers of Android and iOS apps. The app offers pay per install program for app developers. Users can preview 'Video Trailers' of apps, celebrity gossip, DIY videos and get points which they can redeem with PayPal cash, iTunes, Google Play Store, Amazon gift codes, Starbucks and many more. The company later on also added Trivia to the app and users are rewarded for playing trivia! Over 10,000 questions and more were added every day.

The app is very easy to use. You just need to download and install the app on your mobile device. After you are done installing the app, you can create an account using your email address. Once the account is confirmed you are ready to start. You can start watching the videos and earning points.

You can earn between 5-10 points for watching a video and need 5000 points to earn a $5 gift card, which means you have to watch at least 1000 app videos to earn $5. In our opinion this is a substantial effort from users' perspective. Each video is at least 25 seconds long and to earn $5 you will have spend at least 7 hours in the app.  AppTrailers has been downloaded more than 1 million times from google play store.

App Trailers is completely free to use and is a great way to quickly view and check out the best features of an App in Android.

Verdict: You can't make a lot of money with AppTrailers but it offers a good way to earn some extra pocket money if you love discovering new apps and games.

App by:  AppRedeem Inc ( acquired Apptrailers )
Current Status: App is no longer supported by the developer.
AppTrailers for Android
AppTrailers for iOS

AppTrailers is no longer supported by the developer. It seems the company ( has shutdown and is no longer supporting its other apps as well. The developer has put the following notice on its website

"Note that, PerkTV, Viggle, SuperRewards, and PopQuiz are no longer operational as of December 2019."

If you are looking for AppTrailers alternatives then you can try these reward point apps listed below :

1) DailyScoop: Dailyscoop rewards users for watching moving clips.  From the comfort of your couch watch some videos to earn reward points which you can redeem later using Amazon or Walmart gift cards. 

2) Google opinion awards: Google opinion awards is an app by google that pays for answering simple questions and completing surveys.

3) Receipt Hog: This app converts your everyday purchase receipts into real cash and rewards! Take picture of your receipts and upload them to receipt hog app to get reward points which you can redeem through amazon rewards and paypal cash.

4) CheckPoints:  This app gives you reward points for “check ins”, “watching videos”, “offers” and “referrals”. You can redeem these rewards using amazon and walmart giftcards. For 340 reward points you get up to $1. 

5) Verydice: Verydice is very addictive and interesting app that gives your tickets(reward points) for rolling dice. Every time you roll dice you get tickets if you win. If you end up winning 2000 tickets you can redeem them for $3.

6) Mypoints Mobile: Mypoints mobile is another app from the developer of DailyScoop that gives you reward points for shopping on top retailer sites, answering surveys, Discovering In-Store deals, Shopping local deals. You can redeem these reward points for Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks gift cards.

Don't expect to earn a lot of money with these apps. If you are getting bored and want to make some money in your free time then these apps give you an interesting option to do that.