GreenNet: Hotspot VPN Proxy Apk

UpdatedJan 18, 2024
App byAnonymith
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GreenNet VPN Hotspot VPN Proxy is a free VPN app for Android devices. It provides a secure and encrypted proxy that masks your IP address, encrypts your internet traffic, and has a strict no-log policy. With GreenNet VPN, you can turn public Wi-Fi into a private network, unblock sites and apps on your phone, and access blocked content safely and anonymously. The app offers three main features: incognito browsing, Wi-Fi safety, and location spoofer. It also explains the difference between VPN and Proxy and highlights the advantages of using a VPN. GreenNet VPN allows you to unblock websites and apps, ensures anonymous connection and privacy protection, secures your device on public Wi-Fi hotspots, and provides fast and anonymous surfing.